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Complete solutions for Industrial Automation Systems

Who we are?


We completed various industrial projects in different areas such as water and waste water, packaging, oil and gas, flour milling, tiles factories and ...

Integrated Solutions

We have unique integrated solutions for monitoring of factories.

Production dashboard

Our production dashboard helps factories to monitor their machines from one point. Gather production lines data and machines behavior to achieve optimum production.

Our brands

We use world top industrial automation brands in our system

What we use in our control systems?

We are dealing with various automation components used in industries...

Why Yektavaran?

Valuable experience in Industrial Automation systems since 2001

System Design

Flexible control system design using PLCs. Thanks to world top automation brands like OMRON and PHOENIX CONTACT, our designed controlled systems have enough flexibility to customer needs. 


We have more than 15 years experience in PLC systems programming and trouble shooting of various product lines control system.

Thanks to ZENON SCADA software, which help us in programming more complicated control systems with professional features like Log, Scheduler, Intelligent control diagrams and ... . 


Right installation play major role in industrial automation systems. Using world top brands products like PHOENIX CONTACT in electrical panels and also PARTEX labeling products makes clear field installation.

Our Team

Thanks to our professional team expert on industrial automation systems design, programming and installation with more than 10 years experiences, we have great potential to do industrial projects.
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